Responsive Vertical Timeline


Research and analysis

This is the first stage of building the product. This involves carefully noting down the client requirements and doing a holistic market research around it. Next up is checking the feasibility of the client idea and estimating the time and resources to be used in its making. It also involves scaling the market size and determining the growth prospects and product competition in the market.

Jan 14

Product designing and wire-framing

After the research and analysis is done, wireframes are created. Along with it, creation of the work flow, PowerPoint presentations, charts and feature listings is also done. In- depth planning is done to provide the best possible implementation of the product according to the needs of the client.

Jan 18

UI/UX design

After doing holistic research, the product prototype is designed using various tools like Moqups, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Sketch etc.. This prototype is then discussed with the client and the product design is finalised after incorporating the changes.

Jan 24

Development and testing

This stage involves, converting the on-paper product into reality i.e. creating the digital form of the product. Each feature desirable to the client is meticulously developed and extensively tested from time-to- time. The client is fortnightly updated with the progress of the product so that they could be assured of the quality and timely delivery of the product.

Feb 14

Delivery & Launch

This is the final phase that deals with the delivery of the finished product as well as its launch. After the results of all the above-mentioned stages are clubbed together with intermediate stages of testing to form the final product, the product is ready to be delivered to the client and to go live. Post delivery assistance is also provided 24/7. Every little thing is taken care of by the team to ensure a smooth and foolproof launch.

Feb 18